Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Wolf: Physical and Spiritual Evolutionary Predator

There is a theory, that in general, the male human feels they must be the top/dominant predator.  This leads to a conclusion that top predators should be exterminated in certain geographical areas.

The Turtle Island First Nations have traditional, and I believe personal beliefs, that top predators have a necassary and sacred role to fulfill in maintaining balance in the spiritual and physical evolution of life on this planet.

I would like to share with you an excerpt from the book "Yellow Wolf: His Own Story", by L.V. McWhorter:

"It was a Spirit of a wolf that appeared to me.  Yellow-like in color, it sort of floated in the air.  Like a human being it talked to me, and gave me its power.

... After I saw this wolf-thing, after I heard the Spirit-voice, I awoke and started for home.  When near to maybe quarter of mile home, I dropped down, supposed dead.  They had seen me, had watched for me.  It was good for the one finding me.

That was how I got named Yellow Wolf.  Named for that vision-wolf appearing to me.  It was yellow-colored, and gave me the power of the wolf."

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