Monday, January 24, 2011

Original Letter to the Editor

There are many misconceptions and false rumors being circulated about the gray wolves that were re-introduced to Idaho.  One misconception is that the wolves are a different sub-species than those that originally inhabited Idaho.  The truth is that the recently re-introduced gray wolf is one of at least three of the original sub-species that inhabited Idaho before being exterminated by humans.  Yes, they are slightly bigger than the smaller sub-species that was completely hunted to extinction, but roam here they did.  On average they are only 5 to 15 pounds larger than the extinct sub-species.  Another misconception is that they are crazed predators running rampant and killing livestock at every chance they get.  Dogs actually kill more livestock than wolves!  The truth is that less than 1% of livestock deaths are caused by wolves, and at least 90% of livestock killed by wolves are financially compensated for.

Did you know there are a variety of non-lethal ways to protect livestock from wolves?  In Montana, wolf advocates and ranchers have been working together to address the issues surrounding wolves and livestock with positive results. Evidence also shows that wolves have not had a negative impact on the Elk population, instead they kill the weaker and diseased elk causing the rest of the herd to remain healthy.  This does cause the elk to be more cautious and tend not to stay in one valley for too long.  This can explain why hunters are seeing fewer elk.  It is not that the elk have disappeared, it just means a person needs to improve their hunting skills.

Evidence shows that wolves actually play an important role in keeping a balanced and healthy ecosystem.  For more information, please visit the following website: - thank you.

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