Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wolf Wupila (thanksgiving)

There is a ceremony of "Thanksgiving" of certain First Nations called Wupila.  When a person has a birthday or wants to celebrate an important event with thanksgiving they perform a Wupila.  Unlike "white American" culture, instead of expecting gifts from others on a personal celebratory event, the person of the celebration gives away gifts to all the participants.  The interesting karmic occurrence of such a ritual, is that by the end of a cycle when at one time or another each person performs a Wupila, all the participants end up receiving gifts.

My belief is that by our giving thanks and the gifts of the rights of survival and evolution to the different predator spirits that inhabit our environment, they in turn, at least on a cosmic level, give gifts of physical and spiritual evolution to us in turn.  Just as Mother Earth is constantly performing the ritual of Wupila and giving us her sacred gifts of wisdom, life, and beauty; should not we honour her with gifts of life and beauty as well?

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