Monday, July 25, 2011

Medicine Wheel

Wolf & Medicine Wheel

You may know that the medicine wheel has 4 colors.  Before I talk about this, however; I want you to know that when referencing certain things I do not know the terminology enough to make accurate explainaitions - just saying.  I also have been greatly infuenced in my shield making/understanding by such authors as Hyemeyohsts Storm, as well as the Lakota & Hopi.  Hyemeyohsts explains that the different nations, tribes, bands, clans, individual can all have different colors on their medicine wheels to reflect certain meanings, visions and history.  

The Lakota I have learned from seem to use a common 4 colored medicine wheel.  The North direction is Red, the East is Yellow, the South is White, and the West is Black.  The Hopi have the same colors, but in a different pattern.  The North direction is White, the East is Yellow, the South is Red, and the West is I think Black or Blue.  So you see, when learning the Medicine Wheel, it can be looked at as vast library representing ourselves and the universe around us.  Other Lakota medicine wheels have different variations of color/direction.  There are wheels upon wheels within wheels.  

It makes me think of the I Ching and its many possibilities.

In the case of the Wolf, I am currently viewing the North direction and teachings.  Yet, just like other animal totems, their color can be red, white, black, or yellow.

If I have said anything that you view as misinformation or ignorance, please let me know!